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October 2021 Update

By on Oct 26, 2021 in Connect Illinois |

When we first announced Adams was an awardee for Round 1 of the Connect Illinois Broadband Grant, our goal was to start construction in 2021. At this time, our grant agreement has not been executed and no funding has been received.

Following the original announcement, unforeseen circumstances have arisen. Setbacks include this being a brand-new state program being implemented with multiple State Departments involved, material shortages, and shipping delays.

We do not see the program being fully implemented in 2021. Once all departments in the State of Illinois have their processes in place, it will create a smooth transition from that point on.

Our goal has always been to make this project our number one priority, and we continue to work with the state to move this project forward.

You may have also noticed the fiberhood names and boundaries have been adjusted for areas included in the Connect Illinois Broadband Grant Program on our website. These were made to streamline our internal systems and do not impact the grant program or build-out schedule. Boundaries were expanded to include additional locations and some smaller areas were combined to reduce the number of fiberhoods.