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With over 65 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Adams Telephone Co-Operative has maintained its status as a preferred provider for telephone, and Internet services by adhering to the core mission they began with in 1952: commitment to customer service.

Adams provides the region with telephone and broadband Internet services in places where there was previously little or no coverage, and they’ve done it by continually improving and expanding technology while delivering personal, responsive service to every customer.

Adams’ Co-Operative members are now being served by a 100% fiber broadband network, and fiber optic cable is now integrated extensively throughout Quincy and surrounding communities.

While known for Internet offerings, Adams has been a quality provider of telephone/voice service for homes and businesses for years. The company also specializes in business communications services, working successfully with small family owned companies to major industrial and corporate clients.

Adams is deeply involved in the communities they serve. In addition to providing Internet connectivity to area libraries and state-of-the-art technology into area classrooms, Adams sends several local students on an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington D.C. every year. This commitment to youth leadership, scholarship opportunities, and rewarding academic excellence is an investment in the future of the community.

In an industry that changes constantly, Adams not only keeps pace with innovative products and technology, they remember their most important asset: Their Customers.

Adams Fiber…we are investing in our community for further economic development and advancements.