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Lakeshore Hills Fiber Infrastructure Nearing Completion

By on Nov 16, 2015 in News and Press |

Adams Fiber proudly announces that construction is nearing completion in Lakeshore Hills, and installations will begin in December to bring high-speed Internet access and telephone service to residents who were previously underserved.

Adams Fiber offers Internet packages that start at $49. 95 and encourages residents to take advantage of the exclusive option to Lock your Price in for Life to save $120. 00 per year by pre – registering. To sign up for this service, visit FollowTheFiber. net or call 217 -214-3423.

Adams began their fiber-to-the-home initiative in 2007 and requires commitment of neighborhood residents prior to the start of construction. Quincy currently has nine Adams Fiberhoods in service, with customers now enjoying excellent Internet service speeds from a local provider. Earlier this year, the communities of Bowen and Perry were also connected with Fiber. The city of Barry is currently under fiber construction as well.

Adams has over 60 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, providing telephone and broadband Internet services in places where there was previously little or no coverage. The company is well known for business communication, Internet offerings and for investing in communities to further economic development.