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Adams Fiber Planning Build in Mt. Sterling

By on Nov 6, 2017 in News and Press |

Adams Fiber is planning to build a fiber optic network in Mt. Sterling in early 2018 if there is enough community interest. Residents are encouraged to visit www.followthefiber.net to view a map of the predetermined build-out areas and submit their interest in fiber optic Internet, telephone and TV service.

Optical fiber is faster than DSL, cable, and wireless Internet. Fiber that goes all the way to your home eliminates bottlenecks since it’s a dedicated connection that is not shared with your neighbors. Adams offers 4 affordable packages with speed options up to a Gigabit – one of the most sought after Internet connections in the entire country.

Once there is enough interest to support the build-out, residents will be notified so they can take advantage of special pre-registration pricing and the limited time opportunity to Lock in Your Price for Life. Installation is free during the pre-registration period. Residents will even have the ability to keep their same telephone number.

Adams Fiber TV will also be offered to Mt. Sterling residents. Hundreds of high-definition channels are available in addition to whole home DVR so you can record and watch from any connected room.

Adams began their first fiber-to-the-home initiative in 2007 in Camp Point and Clayton. Adams expanded into its Cooperative exchanges in 2009. In 2014, fiber Internet access and phone service launched in Quincy. Since then, there are 39 Adams Fiberhoods in Quincy and also fiber-to-the-home in the surrounding areas of Barry, Bowen, Camp Point, Clayton, Fowler, and Perry. Customers in these Fiberhoods are now enjoying Internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps from a local provider. Adams is currently in the construction and installation phase in Payson and Liberty.

Adams has over 65 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, providing telephone, television, and broadband Internet services in places where there was previously little or no coverage. The company is well known for business communication, Internet offerings and for investing in communities to further economic development. Adams is a certified gig-capable provider.